IPTV is an alternative to the traditional television system. It allows you to watch TV on your desktops, mobile phones, smart TVs and much more, without a set-top box or cables. IPTV broadcasts live TV over the Internet using your Internet protocol. To play video over the Internet, you need an IPTV player. VLC Media Player is one of the best IPTV players available for all devices. As we all know, VLC is the most widely used media player application in the world, which also includes IPTV streaming functionality. Let us discuss more about how to use IPTV on VLC Media Player in this post.

How do I add IPTV m3u Playlist to VLC?

The m3u is one of the formats used on the computer that contains a playlist of content broadcast online. Most IPTV playlists are created in this format for easy access to files. VLC Media Player is the best way to easily add and distribute these m3u playlists. Follow the steps to add the m3u IPTV playlist to VLC:

Step 1: If you do not have a VLC media player installed, visit the official website to download VLC.

Step 2: Open the VLC Media Player installation.

Step 3: Press Ctrl + L or go to Display -> Playlist.

Step 4: You can now drag the playlist onto the VLC screen or right-click to add the playlist.

Step 5: Go to the m3u folder and select the file.

Step 6: The m3u file will be displayed on the VLC playlist screen.

Step 7: Double-click the file.

Step 8: The list of available channels will appear. Click on the channel you wish to watch.

Step 9: Live TV will be broadcast via the VLC media player.